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5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Please note that all our chairs come with a standard 5 year manufacturer warranty.

This only covers all the movable parts of the chair on gas adjustable chairs.

We reserve the right to request images to inspect the chair for damages before we can send parts to repair the chair. Should it be found that the chair is damaged due to abuse or misuse of the chair by a customer, we reserve the right to not send replacements for the chair.

Please also note that the chairs have a standard maximum allowed weight. Should the damage on the chair be due use beyond the suggested weight, we reserve the right to not repair the chair.

Repairs on wheels or the base are not covered by the warranty unless otherwise proven to be as a result of a factory manufacturing fault.

Should the initial specs, as from the supplier, be changed by requesting different / non-standard parts to be used as a replacement on a chair, the warranty falls away as the manufacturer no longer covers the chair.