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    A Beginner’s Guide To Buy An Office Chair

    How many hours do you spend sitting in your office chair every day? In US offices, an employee spends an average of 2,200 hours every year sitting at a desk. Isn’t it an alarming sign to be watchful about our...

    5 Easy Steps to Correct Body Posture On Office Chair

    We nearly spend at least 8-9 hours/day sitting on an office chair. The body posture we maintain throughout the day impacts our overall health. So, it pays to invest in a good comfortable chair that gives support to your body...

    5 Best Executive Chairs for your Office

    If you are looking for an impactful executive chair for your office, then this post is for you! Office premises are made to induce a culture of professionalism. And when it comes to the office furniture, it should be such...