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    4 Must-Have Essentials to Transform Your Home-based Office

    Now and then, we come across inspiring stories that stemmed from a home office, and one to mention is of Amazon, a titan in the eCommerce world. 

    Although it sounds strange, Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person once launched Amazon as a bookseller portal in 1994 with his office just having one disk that was a door with four-by-four legs. 

    So, from above, one can clearly deduce that big dreams, don’t require big business spaces. 

    Are you geared up to script your own success story? Yes! Then, here, in this post, we’ll be listing the five essential to set up a perfect office in your home:-

    1. Make Yourself Comfortable

    No buts on this; where you sit matters a lot. A comfortable high back executive chair with arms support will ensure you stay energized and productive throughout the day. 

    Ergonomic chairs in recent years have the most trusted choice for its many benefits. It supports good posture and ensures individuals’ well-being via its great comfort and innovative design in line with the human seating structure. 

    When buying office furniture, keep these three facets in your mind:-

    • Comfort
    • Colour and Material
    • The Durability
    • Production Quality 

    We, at US Office Elements, stock the widest selection of finest quality ergonomic chairs that are crafted to improve body posture, deter the individuals from developing arthritis, and perfect aligning of the spine.

    2. Ample Seating Capacity for Your Clients

    Just like the reception of any business space is integral to promote the positive image of the company in the minds of their visitors; similarly, to win the trust of your prospective clients, you got to have comfortable yet appealing home office reception chairs.

    At our online store, you’ll discover an extensive array of business space furniture to make your home-based office’s visitor waiting area speaks volumes about your credibility. 

    We assure you with best-in-industry standard products at the most competitive prices.

    Here, check the ultimate guide to investing in the right office chair.

    3. Have Bookshelf

    Yes, we are in the middle of a digital era, but real books aren’t dead. Whether you keep a few books for reference or a collection of autobiographies to rekindle the fire within you, it is a no-brainer to spend some extra dollars on buying shelf space made of glass. 

    The desk at your home office is mainly dedicated to manage your daily assignments, don’t clutter it further with books and notes.

    4. Give Your Mind Rest with a Recliner

    You don’t need to spend your entire day at the desk, and maybe you’re struggling to get together a thought process-your eyes require rest from the computer screen. In any case, it is best to have a leather chair with a reclining motion to have a few quality moments of peace and meditation. 

    Look for the best recliner chair after a stressful work session only at US Office Elements.

    Pro Advice

    Although it is last on the list, it all starts with a desk as it is the cornerstone of a home-based office. A typical work desk must include adequate drawer space to keep your business essentials and documents at your arm’s length. 

    Final Thoughts

    You can stay clear of all the hassles associated with buying the right executive chair for your home-based office. Get in touch with US Office Elements. Talk to our sales representative at +1 (941) 253-2201 to get the best advice or write to us at info@usoffice-elements.com  



    Essential Tips When Buying Ergonomic Chair For Your Office

    We all know a healthy sitting posture with the spine precisely aligned that promotes overall comfort via enhanced concentration and establish stronger endurance to work for long hours. 

    From the above statement, it is candid to deduce that a workplace chair on which we spend the entire day seated has an essential role to play in good health. 

    There is an endless number of choices in the market, but one category thriving on the global scale is the ergonomic furniture. 

    Fundamental Features of Ergonomic Chairs

    • Adjustable Seat Height
    • Well-Padded Seat and Back
    • Adjustable Armrest
    • Lumbar Support
    • Easy Swiveling 

    Selecting the Right Ergonomic Chair

    Well, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but choosing an apt adjustable executive chair can prove to be a daunting task. 

    However, you don't have to break a sweat as here in this post; we'll be putting forth a quick checklist of things to mull over when buying an ergonomic chair.

    Adjustable Features 

    Chair's height adjustability is a fundamental feature of the ergonomic chair, so when buying one make sure that the chair is fully adjustable. The seat of the chair can easily be moved downwards or upwards with minimum effort.

    The above allows people of varying heights to comfortably sit. Ensure you know how much you can alter the height before purchasing a chair.

    A rough figure to mention, an individual in the height range of 5'0" to 6'4" can comfortably sit in a seat of height 15" to 22".

    Who Will Be Sitting On the Chair?

    Before you commence your search for the right ergonomic chair, you have to be pretty clear who will be using the chair. 

    Based on this stature of the person, decide the adjustable features of the chair, right from the armrests to back support. You can also speak to an ergonomic high back executive chairs supplier to provide you with an honest piece of advice. 

    Look for the Upper and Middle Back Support

    A report by the American Chiropractic Association revealed that back pain is amongst the leading causes of disability that doesn't let people carry out their day-to-day chores. They further put forth a figure, one-half of the salaried Americans have admitted experiencing the symptoms of back pain, every year.

    To boil down, buy a high back executive chair that provides adequate middle and upper support. When you'll be seated for a long duration of time in front of the computer, support the back and its natural posture is essential to deter back strain and injury.

    Key Points to Consider When Selecting an Ergonomic Chair

    • Ideally, 12" to 19" Must the Width Range of the Backrest
    • The Backrest of the Chair Must Provide Support to the Back Shape and Natural Body Curve
    • The Backrests Must Be Adjustable to Support the Body Contours 

    Chair's Lumbar Support

    Last, on the list, the chair's lumbar support is one feature that you can't turn a blind eye on. 

    A chair without the proper lumbar support can a detrimental effect on one's lower back in the long run. 

    Our lower back has a curve that is naturally inward, and a strategically-designed ergonomic chair that will straighten the curve out. 

    So, when buying a workplace chair, ensure that it maintains back normal curvature to promote good physical health & mental well-being. 

    4 Compelling Perks of Investing in Ergonomic Chairs

    • Improved Worker Health
    • Better Work Productivity.
    • Customizability
    • Reduced Business Costs

    Final Words

    Before making the final call, it is an easy decision to try out the ergonomic chair in person. By sitting on a chair, you’ll get a clear-cut idea of how comfortable it is.

    However, in today’s competitive business world, CEOs don’t have time for such things. 

    Fortunately, US Office Elements are there for you, talk to our sales representative at +1 (941) 253-2201 to get the best advice or write to us at info@usoffice-elements.com

    You can also explore our vast collection of premium quality, best-in-industry standard ergonomic chairs at the most reasonable prices. 

    3 Ways How Comfortable Chairs Foster Employee Productivity?

    “The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.” Tom Peters, an eminent American Writer on Business Management. 

    To simplify Tom’s words, if you care for the employees, they’ll pay back by putting their genuine dedication & passion into every assignment, and take active participation to bolster the company’s overall growth. 

    Now, when it comes to paying close attention to your workforce needs, spending a few hundred dollars in premium-grade, comfortable chairs is crucial. At first, this may not seem as a valuable investment, but later you’ll come across its many perks.

    Have you ever travelled via bus sitting on an uneasy seat? Or sitting in a waiting room in a not-so-comfortable chair? This must have left you with back pain or at least some sort of discomfort at the end of the day.

    So, now imagine each of your employees has to spend their entire day on such disagreeable chairs. Don’t you think, the right time has come not to buy shoddy quality chairs, instead provide chairs that come with many features of adjustability. 

    Still not convinced? Here, we’ll list three-pointers proposing the value of comfortable seating for raising productivity.

    Let’s Take a Tour:-

    #1. Comfort Is a Primary Factor

    Staff comfort is one essential aspect the must hold paramount priority when buying staff chairs. When the employees are seated comfortably, they won’t be distracted throughout the workday, therefore will remain focused. 

    Someone who is uncomfortable will continually be distracted, now and then need to readjust their seating position, this eventually hampers the work productivity. 

    Nowadays, ergonomic high back executive chairs have become widely popular, and holds the edge to the traditional ones, in terms of body support & flexibility. 

    #2. Prevents Back Pain

    The quality chairs designed with taking into account comfort will let your workforce to sit in the appropriate position. 

    Sitting in the work position can contribute to short-term and long-lasting, shoulder, neck and back pain.

    Not only this will cut down on your employees’ daily productivity, but it also results in frequent absence. In a nutshell, have a negative impact on the overall productivity of the team.

    A latest study discovered that lower back pain is a leading cause of work absence.

    The ergonomic chairs will ascertain that the employees are perfect sat at the right height that deters them from hunching onto the desk, throughout the day. 

    This, further increases the possibility of developing musculoskeletal problems.

    #3. Improve Overall Health

    The office task chair that support the posture of the person in a manner that it won’t lead to a stubborn lower back or spinal problem. They provide proper padding to the lower back, hips, neck, shoulders, and leaving no room for stress injuries.

    As you make efforts for the good health of your staff, they, in turn, won’t leave a stone unturned to get the job efficiently.

    In the End

    University of Warwick of Great Britain found that people enjoying their workplace exhibit 20% greater work productivity

    As an employer, you won’t have complete control of every factor that influences employee happiness, but you can spend in the finest quality, comfortable chairs that promote physical and mental health.

    We, at US Office Elements, assist small, medium-size to big enterprises to ensure the comfort of your employees, increase productivity with a tremendous collection of ergonomic chairs.

    3 Compelling Reasons to Buy Ergonomic Executive Chair?

    As per the latest data released by Staples Business Resource Center, 86% of office-goers claimed to have experienced some sort of strain or soreness owing to uncomfortable workplace furniture. They put forth another critical stat that read around 71% believe their chair is the primary cause of back pain.

    The fundamental perks associated with deciding the right office chair are as follows:-

    • Increase Workplace Productivity
    • Improve Posture and Aid Back Pain
    • Reduce Health Risks

    Ergonomic furniture nowadays creating a lot of buzz and is widely embraced by businesses worldwide with the objective of setting up a healthier workplace. 

    Be it a startup or a big enterprise, ergonomic furniture can prove to be the real game-changer in terms of productivity. Moreover, motivating the employees to infuse true commitment and dedication into every task. 

    Here, in this post US Office Elements, a trusted supplier of high-end, modern business space furniture shared their holistic views on how ergonomic chairs are pivotal to the well-being of the employees. 

    1. Ensure Proper Posture

    While, the conventional office chairs are low-priced, but they put your employees' health at risk. These uncomfortable chairs present the guy sitting on it the unnecessary freedom to lean and slump, thus contributes to the long-term posture problem. 

    Ergonomic high back executive chairs, on the other hand, let you easily adjust the chair height to make you feel comfortable seating, flat on the floor, and you can move rear backwards or forward. These small real-time tweaks ensure that the individual sitting on the chair is fully comfortable. 

    Sitting at a desk, continuously staring at the computer screen for hours can make your neck stiff at the end of the day. 

    But to our good fortune, the modern design ergonomic chairs come with a headrest that provides support to the neck, thus reducing severe strain on it. 

    2. Cutting Down on Hips Pressure

    The conventional, shoddy-quality office chairs generally have a tough seat with no cushioning. And, sitting on such a chair for longer durations contribute to undue pressure on hips, and ultimately can lead to stubborn pain that can last for months. 

    Whereas, the range of ergonomic chairs available at US Office Elements has proper plush cushioning, with additional depth to manage weight efficiently. 

    Our chairs will ensure no extra pressure on the hips and ascertain that employees focus on the work rather than distracted by the discomfort.

    3. Provides Arm Support

    Ergonomic chairs have the feature of the adjustable armrest that allows the person sitting on it to move the armrest side to side or up/down. So, your staff won't have to take leaves for out-of-blues shoulder pain.

    Key Qualities to Look in an Ergonomic Chair

    • Adjustable seat height
    • Adjustable backrest
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Swivel Feature
    • Lower Back Support

    Let's Wrap It Up

    At US Office Elements, you'll find great deals and discounts on premium-grade ergonomic chairs. Talk to one of our company representatives at +1 (941) 253-2201 or inbox us your query at info@usoffice-elements.com.

    Also check out our latest blog on five best executive chairs https://www.usoffice-elements.com/blogs/news/5-best-executive-chairs-for-your-office


    A Beginner’s Guide To Buy An Office Chair

    How many hours do you spend sitting in your office chair every day?

    In US offices, an employee spends an average of 2,200 hours every year sitting at a desk. Isn’t it an alarming sign to be watchful about our overall well-being?

    Most often, companies lose their focus to provide complete comfort to their employees which often affects their individual performance and business growth. It surely is not a walk in the park for businesses to purchase furniture that fits in their unique requirements and budget, both.

    With a little pre-planning and quick review of this guide can help you make a smart buying decision for an office chair.

    Let’s start:


    As most of the office has grown out to be smart - more machines and less manual - it’s fair to consider office chairs custom-made for employees working for long hours on their workstations.

    They are designed and manufactured keeping the vulnerable pressure points of a human body, thus reducing the risk associated with many diseases, especially spinal injuries.

    Paying attention to this factor can long a long way towards reducing injuries from poor body posture in your workplace. Begin your search with a high back desk chair that is easily adjustable - height (at least 16 inches) and seat tilt (a range of at least 5 degrees forward and backward).

    From an adjustable height, lumbar support, backrest, armrest to swiveling, most users look for absolute comfort that rests their agitated and tired nerves all day long.

    Whether looking for big and tall executive chairs or for all the staff, consider browsing for some of the best brands in the market to find the best option.


    Most office chairs are styled based on the standard working environment. Yet new styles are emerging to meet the unique needs, ranging from traditional to modern & contemporary styles.

    If you want to give a touch of uniqueness to some specific areas, vintage and imperial chairs make the best option to seat the top echelons of the company. To add some funk for the rest of the staff, contemporary style is a sustainable option.      

    Depending upon your preferences, select the style that provides employee comfort and looks amazing to uplift your office decor.


    Some of the latest chair types include no fabric. Instead, they use highly breathable and non-slippery material for the best comfort in any season.

    Another essential aspect to consider here, whether or not a chair’s fabric meets the standard performance guidelines set by the ACT (Association for Contract Textiles). Some symbols to look for:

    • Abrasion: The surface wear of a material caused by rubbing and contact with another fabric.
    • Flammability: The measurement of a fabric’s performance when being exposed to any sources of ignition.
    • Wet and Dry Crocking: Transfer of dye from the surface of a printed fabric onto another surface by rubbing.



    Paying back to our environment is an integral part of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Look for chairs designed from recycled or sustainable materials that feature low carbon emissions.

    Particularly, consider chairs with the GREENGUARD certification to ensure chairs are eco-friendly. Other important certifications include the Forest Stewardship Council and Cradle-to-Cradle sustainability.

    If you found the chair that complies with the factors mentioned above, jump to browse through some of the highly-rated choices. You might be a little worn out from the constant search, however, the chair you are going to invest in will be worth it.