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A Beginner’s Guide To Buy An Office Chair


How many hours do you spend sitting in your office chair every day?

In US offices, an employee spends an average of 2,200 hours every year sitting at a desk. Isn’t it an alarming sign to be watchful about our overall well-being?

Most often, companies lose their focus to provide complete comfort to their employees which often affects their individual performance and business growth. It surely is not a walk in the park for businesses to purchase furniture that fits in their unique requirements and budget, both.

With a little pre-planning and quick review of this guide can help you make a smart buying decision for an office chair.

Let’s start:


As most of the office has grown out to be smart - more machines and less manual - it’s fair to consider office chairs custom-made for employees working for long hours on their workstations.

They are designed and manufactured keeping the vulnerable pressure points of a human body, thus reducing the risk associated with many diseases, especially spinal injuries.

Paying attention to this factor can long a long way towards reducing injuries from poor body posture in your workplace. Begin your search with a high back desk chair that is easily adjustable - height (at least 16 inches) and seat tilt (a range of at least 5 degrees forward and backward).

From an adjustable height, lumbar support, backrest, armrest to swiveling, most users look for absolute comfort that rests their agitated and tired nerves all day long.

Whether looking for big and tall executive chairs or for all the staff, consider browsing for some of the best brands in the market to find the best option.


Most office chairs are styled based on the standard working environment. Yet new styles are emerging to meet the unique needs, ranging from traditional to modern & contemporary styles.

If you want to give a touch of uniqueness to some specific areas, vintage and imperial chairs make the best option to seat the top echelons of the company. To add some funk for the rest of the staff, contemporary style is a sustainable option.      

Depending upon your preferences, select the style that provides employee comfort and looks amazing to uplift your office decor.


Some of the latest chair types include no fabric. Instead, they use highly breathable and non-slippery material for the best comfort in any season.

Another essential aspect to consider here, whether or not a chair’s fabric meets the standard performance guidelines set by the ACT (Association for Contract Textiles). Some symbols to look for:

  • Abrasion: The surface wear of a material caused by rubbing and contact with another fabric.
  • Flammability: The measurement of a fabric’s performance when being exposed to any sources of ignition.
  • Wet and Dry Crocking: Transfer of dye from the surface of a printed fabric onto another surface by rubbing.



Paying back to our environment is an integral part of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Look for chairs designed from recycled or sustainable materials that feature low carbon emissions.

Particularly, consider chairs with the GREENGUARD certification to ensure chairs are eco-friendly. Other important certifications include the Forest Stewardship Council and Cradle-to-Cradle sustainability.

If you found the chair that complies with the factors mentioned above, jump to browse through some of the highly-rated choices. You might be a little worn out from the constant search, however, the chair you are going to invest in will be worth it. 

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  • Amulya Sharma
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